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My final words…



For this challenge, of course.

What can I say? As I mentionned before, I took this challenge even if I was convinced that I would give up way before the finish line. And yet, here we are, at Day 30, and I didn’t even skip a post.

Yay me!

I don’t remember talking about myself so intensively over a whole month. It will be good to go back to fiction… And with a little discipline, I’ll keep my new pace and be able to entertain you Lovelies better, in the weeks to come.

*Fingers crossed*

I’d like to thank the absolutely awesome Marquessa, who inspired me to join this challenge. If you don’t already know Marquessa, please rush to her blog to discover her beautifully penned fiction. She really has her way with words, and is a great story teller.

Thank you, Miss!

Warm thanks, also, to each and everyone of you who stopped by these thirty posts, liked them and/or left comments. I am really grateful for your attention and your support, and I know I am really lucky to have you all in my Bloggosphere world.

And now… We’re back to our regular programs.


If you’d like to read Marquessa’s last thoughts about the challenge, click here.

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