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List 10 songs that you still love all these years later…


What could be considered as all these years back? Songs from ten years ago? Twenty years back? Farther back in my rock’n’roll past?

I decided to go back to the nineties, and to choose one song per year, that I still sing along when I hear them. So yes, you can send your good thoughts to Chéri who had to suffer me humming all evening long. (I don’t sing well – and I know it)

So buckle up, here’s a time travel journey, Cyranny style…



If I had done this 30 days challenge in the nineties, Jordan Knight would have been my top (and almost only) celebrity crush. And you know what? He’s aging extremely well… Oh, Jordan!




I didn’t really speak English back then… But it didn’t really matter. I didn’t need to understand the lyrics to know a good tune.




I always loved Annie Lennox’s theatrical side… Her music is great, but so are her clips! I only learnt this later on, though, because at the time, I lived in Africa, channels like Much Music were unavailable, and the Internets were still unknown to me.




I hesitated for 1993, but both songs were from Duran Duran, so I guess I couldn’t go wrong, either way.




I remember wanting to be Lisa Loeb, when I first saw this clip. I loved her ”girl next door” looks, and I thought she was soooooo pretty. I still can sing along the whole song by heart if I catch it on the radio (and I WILL).




Okay… Lisa Loeb was really pretty, until I saw Jewel, and then I decided I wanted to be Jewel, instead. Even if it meant begging my parents for contact lenses, LOL. Hey, I was seventeen… I was still seeking my identity 😉




Oh my… Did I ever cry listening to this song! I think I was a bit of a masochist, because I hadn’t had a boyfriend yet. But I had a lot of imagination, and Toni’s warm voice really made me believe boys had already broken my heart… And that it needed to be mended.




What can I say…  Just love the song. Reminds me of my early ”diving into The Internets” days.




I discovered this song a few years after its release, when it became House md’s theme. Its eeriness still gives me goosebumps. Massive Attack really have a universe of their own, and I want to be a part of it…




Certainly not politically correct in any way, but I do have an angry side that enjoys a little ”agressive” music, from time to time. Don’t blame me, I wasn’t fluent yet. But I still like the loud beat.


What about you… What songs still follow you after a number of years?

And if you want to see what Marquessa picked for her top ten list, click here.

2 thoughts on “List 10 songs that you still love all these years later…

  1. To date my two favorite songs are Hit the Road Jack and Rasputin. Since I was little. Rose Garden Lynn Anderson. Daddy Don’t Walk so Fast Conway Twitty. Jolene Dolly Parton. It is 5:59 a.m. that is all I can think of by name. More telling of my age lol. Sorry I have been missing Sundays I want to be there just a little shy. Putting self out there without liquid help is a little hard for me but I will return. I love chatting with everyone. And your singing cannot be as bad as mine…..the cats try to shut me up. Lucky comes and sits next to me or on me and Thomas comes running like I am screaming in pain, Loki has yet to make his opinion known.
    Have a great rest of the week Cranny. 🙂


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