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Dark day for Lebanon…



Earlier today, major (MAJOR) explosions blew away Beirut’s heart. The last numbers state 73 deaths and over 3700 injured people, but judging by the images I’ve seen, these numbers will soon rise much higher.

You might know my dear Lebanese Princess, Saraa from It’s me Saraa. I thought about her right away, when I learnt about the catastrophy. I messaged her on Instagram, and soon got news from my soul little sister… To say that she is well would probably be a bit too much. But she is safe. I thought I’d share the news, because some of you might know Saraa, and after seeing the following video, I think you would have been worried for her too!

I want to send my warmest thoughts to all people of Lebanon. Today’s events truly are a tragedy, and I feel for all of you, who were already struggling…


14 thoughts on “Dark day for Lebanon…

    1. It is terribly sad… But to know that Saraa and her family are safe relieves me a lot. Blogging makes me much more aware of what’s happening elsewhere in the world, and more sensitive too.


  1. Unbelievable. Horrific. Just no words to describe that. My wife’s great aunt, was a long-time resident of Beirut and as a missionary and she absolutely loved the city, and people. I sure hope she’s watching over them now. 😔

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