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Nombril de semaine…



Happy Wednesday, Lovelies!

Remember my Nombril de semaine posts? (if not, or if you weren’t part of The Cove back when I used to post them weekly, click here to catch up)

It’s always been very important to me to give exposure to bloggers I like. I still think that way, but somewhere along the road, I settled with only linking in people’s blogs when I was talking about them.

Last weekend, when I shared my Real Neat Blog Award, I remembered how good it felt to put friends’ and fellow wordsmiths’ work forward, and since I still have a voice here in the Bloggosphere, I decided to get back to it.

So, I went scrolling down the long list of blogs I follow, to share with you the work of the fine people who’ve been part of The Cove since the very beginning, and that I’ve also been following for almost five years, now.

If you’re looking for the kind of blog that won’t disappear in a month or two, these are perfect picks!


Ben’s Bitter Blog

Bitter Ben is quite a character. The blogger, who’s online bitterness knows no equal, will try to make you believe that he’s just an aging grumpy man, but I see through his game. Ben has a great sense of humor, and his negativity doesn’t get old…


Rubber Slippers in Italy

Rowena lives in Italy (obviously), and (usually) shares with us her mini-trips all around the country. If you like wanderlusting pictures, and foodie material, you’ll love her blog! But for the time going, Rowena is sharing about her life in lockdown. Beware the woman when it will be safe to travel again!! And if you pay her a visit, take a minute to congratulate her for her recently born first grandson!


Audrey Writes Abroad

This young woman loves to write, write, write (mainly young-adult fiction) and to travel (and write about it). She’s one of the very few Quebecer bloggers I know, and her blog is definately worth a visit!


Heartstring Eulogies

Oh, Sarah… Sarah Doughty is a blogger I almost worship. Her poetry and short pieces talk directly to my heart, and even after more than four years, I still am in awe everytime I read her work. She is perhaps the most romantic writer in my blogging universe, and I love love love her. Love her!



Brett loves Canada, to say the least. The American shares his beautiful pictures and thoughts about Canadian art of all kinds, and its culture in general. Although he’s been a little quiet as of lately, I think you won’t be disappointed scrolling through his timeless posts.


Lucky Otters Haven

Here’s also one of the first bloggers I followed and that followed me back. I have a feeling that the name of her blog had something to do with my interest in her blog… Wether her posts are about her own life, her political opinions or about psychology,  she always has an interesting way of presenting her thoughts, and she’s a great blogger to have a chat with, through the comment box!


It’s me Saraa

Awww… My little Lebanese princess! Don’t let this young woman’s age fool you! Saraa is one witty girl, she inspired me more than once, with her very mature thinking. And she is absolutely adorable! It was inevitable… Saraa had to be part of my blogging family, and she’s the little sister I never had.


Harsh Reality

Who doesn’t already know Jason, @k@ Opinionated Man, @k@ OM? It seems like he’s been around for ever, and I suspect The Internets might break down if he ever left. OM blogs about his life, his opinions (of course) and sometimes greets us with a little piece of poetry. He also posts pictures which I enjoy ”battling”. Wether he is on the happy side, or a bit more moody, it’s always good to read him, and he’s a jolly good fellow!


Mrs Completely

Mrs Completely… Always referred to as ”The Viking’s wife” here at home, is one of the funniest people I’ve come to ”meet” in the Bloggosphere. And one of my favorite people, period. If you need any more reasons to visit her blog, check out this list of 10 excellent reasons to visit Mrs Completely


Mack Marie

Mackenzie (gal, I had to go to your blog to check my spelling… LOL) is without a doubt an angel forgotten on Earth. As a matter of fact, I suspect that they are twins, or even triplets, because I just can’t believe how much this young woman is able to fit in a day’s worth. Even if she has the pictures to prove it (and loads, no… tons of them!) Seriously Mack, admit it, you’re a Tetris champion, right?? This soon to be nurse will charm you with her absolute sweetness. But I have to warn you, don’t enter her blog on an empty stomach. It might be fatal… LOL


Soooo… That’s it for this week. 10 fabulous bloggers all yours to discover! And there are still lots of them coming…

8 thoughts on “Nombril de semaine…

  1. Forget the travel, I’ve changed my mind and wish to stay at home for the rest of the year. I got out once for groceries and it was WEIRD, like being in a video game with players in mask and gloves and their carts (you can’t go in without one, even if you only want to purchase 1 thing!) Try to avoid the people (obstacles) as you keep the minimum 1 meter distance or rush to claim a spot in front of the baking ingredients section (like grabbing a power-up) so you aren’t the one to have to ‘wait your turn’.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I soooooo understand the feeling, even if we didn’t get to your level of lockdown yet. I feel lucky that Chéri and I have found many creative ways to get food delivered to our door, so we don’t have to go to the grocery store so far. But I have to go to the pharmacy to get Chéri’s meds once a month, and the ”game” is pretty much the same.

      While people are hoping for things to get to normal, we still don’t even think about family diners and gatherings with our closest friends… Stay safe Rowena, this too, with time, will pass 😉 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tomorrow (May 18th) Lockdown phase 2 goes into phase 2.1, which means cutting us all some slack on. All business are allowed to open shop as long as they’ve done the necessary steps to keep their customers and themselves safe. There’s always the masks and distancing thing (1 meter) but it changes depending where you are (restaurants (1.5 meters), beach (2 meters?), etc.) I have no idea how they are going to keep distances and wear masks at the swimming pool.

        On June 3rd, traveling between regions and crossing borders into neighboring countries will be allowed without having to go into quarantine. We are still planning to stay home. I can always have the French deliver my summer stash of rosé wines!


  2. Thanks so much for your kind remarks on my blog! I wish I had time to read more blogs lately, and do more blogging myself.

    One request, though. I don’t use my real name on my blog, can you please take my name out of your comment? I’d appreciate it. Thanks again for your nice words.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are most welcome 🙂

      As you might have noticed, I removed your name as soon as I read your comment… I am sorry. I really care about being discreet with my fellow bloggers, and I failed unintendedly.

      I so feel like you… I wish I could spend more time reading and writing, but life is getting back to ”normal” way faster than it should, and I am falling behind.

      *Sigh* Here’s to catching up soon 😉 *big hugs*


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