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Out and about…



Today, I had to go out for the first time in two weeks… Well, I had spent some time on the balcony, but not wandered in our neighbourhood.

Spring is on time, as you can see on the above picture. I love this time of year, when flowers start blooming, and leaves grow back in trees.

It was eerie, though.

We had a beautiful day… Quite warm with a baby-blue sky. But it was oh so, so very quiet. It actually reminded me of Björk’s well known song.



Parks are now closed, all around the city, and it was weird not to see any kid. Our park is usually very popular, especially in springtime.






A few days ago, I told you about the ”Ça va bien aller” movement, in Québec. I was surprised to see how many children had hung little rainbows to their windows in the neighbourhood… (Back and forth, I only walked for about 10 minutes)





I did the quick shopping I had to do, and I came back home… And a super sweet surprise was awaiting me in the mailbox. No, not my email inbox, the real mail thing!




Just this morning, I was telling Chéri how I missed my Wall of Fame (I have cards from 6 of you Lovelies at work, but my work building is closed down, so I can’t even drop by to get my cheering cards).

Thank you Life for the timing!! My dear friend Madame Suze, has sent me this lovely card, filled with warm thoughts! Suze, you are the best!! You can’t imagine how you made my day. These are the best surprises… I just loooooooove to get mail, hand written cards and letters. And in these secluded days, the happiness is multiplied by something like a thousand times!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Life is good… Still 🙂

16 thoughts on “Out and about…

    1. 😉 Great minds…. *wink wink* Jokes aside, I’m really hoping that the big riot will come soon!

      Keep up your good work, Precious… You are a guarding angel to so many people! I thank you for them. *big hugs* xx


  1. I love Bjork–thanks! We’re doing light-up hearts here where I live–Ken just made a couple today using white Xmas lights attached to a screen, so I’ll be able to get a couple of pictures tonight!

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