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Alone… Together!



Ça va bien aller!

French for ”It’s going to be ok!”, it quickly has become Québec’s new motto. Tomorrow will be the one month ”anniversary” of the first case of covid-19 in the province.

Within only four weeks, we moved from what we used to call normal life, to this eerie reality, with Montréal being on the verge of being completely locked down.

People needed hope, and a way to show each other that together, we’ll get through this crisis. The movement was launched on the internet, inviting parents to ask their children to draw rainbows and share them.

The drawings spread faster than the virus, and gave parents a way to discuss solidarity with the young boys and girls. It became a colorful and positive way to connect with neighbours, without direct interaction.

(The following pictures are not mine)








When I went to the pharmacy this week, I came upon the rainbow drawn on the sidewalk (see picture at the beginning of this post).

It made me smile.

Isn’t it amazing how loving and united people can be, when facing a common enemy?

Is there any similar movement in your corner of the world?

19 thoughts on “Alone… Together!

  1. Not in our neighbourhood but we are spread far apart in the country. However we have put our Christmas lights back on and another house on the road has colored Easter eggs and lights on three of their trees.

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      1. Yeah. Especially these days that oir country is under lockdown due to corona virus. We’re praying everything will back to normal. Stay Safe there!


  2. All the kids in town here are putting hearts and rainbows in their windows too, and some people are using Christmas lights to create hearts that light up at night. It’s very soothing:-)


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