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Let it snow…



As much as I am pretty proud of people’s general reaction to our Prime Minister’s request that we shouldn’t leave our homes unless absolutely necessary… I am scared that springtime will lure some of us away from safety.

So you can imagine how I appreciated the view today. Mother Nature has sent some snow, knowing that especially this time of year, it is the best way to keep people inside! Thank you Nature!

Oh, and don’t worry, I wasn’t just wandering around… I was on my way to get my computer to work from home. If everything goes as planned, tomorrow night, I will be all set to spend as much time as needed in my little nest.

Keep safe!

3 thoughts on “Let it snow…

  1. It sounds as if some snow is on its way here, but the warmer temperatures will soon make it disappear. I’m glad you’re able to work from home. I’m actually more isolated at work, where I am one of 2 or 3 people in the building, than at home in our condo with 36 units!


  2. We had a bit of snow here yesterday too. Those people out in BC who are always ignoring the physical distancing are in warmer weather so your concerns are valid. It may happen here too. However if the numbers get worse maybe people will take it more seriously. My husband and I, just returned from the US, are abiding by our self isolation/quarantine for the 14 days.

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    1. I am glad you are doing the quarantine… For you, and your loved ones. And I agree, the weather will most likely influence people. Unfortunately, sun and warmth will make people get out… Let’s hope men and women will think about the impact they can have.


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