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Good evening, dear Lovelies,

I hope this finds you doing well!

After last Monday’s first snow storm, I really thought that the white carpet would quickly melt down. We usually wait until mid-December to get lasting snow. But it is still there, and we’re about to get a second layer, so… I guess we can start humming ”It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”!

Talking about Christmas and the holidays, Chéri and I have started shopping online to get the perfect presents for our families and friends. I’m sure you’d have some horror stories to tell, if you’ve shopped online before.

It’s easy to complain, but I like to give a pat on the back, when, au contraire, people work hard to give you a good experience.

Chéri had ordered a bunch of Danish nisser (Christmas gnomes that you can see in any and every Danish home during the holidays). The little fellows were supposed to hold a Danish flag. When our order arrived in Montréal, there had been a mix up, and the nisser were holding Canadian flags.

We pointed it out to the seller, expecting to get a set of flags to replace by ourselves, or maybe a request to send back the Canadian gnomes, to get a set of Danish ones…. But Vicky told us to keep the Canadian set, and sent us the right nisser free of charge, adding a Christmas tree ornament in bonus. So I’d like to invite you to visit Vicky’s Etsy shop if you like Scandinavian handmade craft!






Vicky’s craft is really well done, and a festive way to add a little hygge to your Christmas!




Aren’t these the cutest??


But this ends up with a whole lot of gnomes, and Chéri suggested that I gave some of them to you… So I decided to send some to people I picked, myself. And there will be a draw for the last one. If you’d like to have it, just leave a comment below, mentionning you want to participate, and I’ll announce the winner next Sunday!


This weekend, it was Mom’s birthday, so we drove to Trois-Rivières for the occasion. Friday we spent the evening with J, my best friend because… Well, we don’t need a good reason to meet and have some fun together! But J now has a kitten, and I couldn’t wait to meet with the furball! And what an encounter that was! I’ll let you judge.




Meet Boule de Poils!


We chatted (well, Chéri, J and I), I played with the brand new kitty, we had a couple of glasses of good Pinot Noir and I became Boule de Poil’s official god mother. What more could we wish for?


Sunday morning, we started the day with a good brunch over a mimosa…





During the afternoon, we watched (very) old videos of our family, going back to the early 60s, bringing back warm memories to everybody in the room. It was pretty emotional, seeing my grand parents alive and well, recalling fond souvenirs of our younger days.

Followed a nice dinner in a fancy French restaurant that Mom likes a lot.



Le Castel des Prés, since 1954.



Pimped parmesan fondue.



Oooops, wanted to show my plate, but it just was too yummy.



Crème brûlée flambée… Oui oui!


I hope you’re doing well too… What was special about your week?



Good night, from Montréal!

7 thoughts on “Cyra-newz!

  1. The gnomes are so cute. I want to start collecting the ones for outside but i always say i should use the money for this or that when I see them and don’t get them. Most the time for the kids. They say we don’t need them they are creepy. Lol I think the watch to many goosebumps and things. I should tell them I can start collecting gnomes or clowns they can pick. Bet they would change their minds real fast about the gnomes then.


  2. Nice post! Cutie kitty. Nothing as elegant as your weekend. . .😳 But a very nice evening at my granddaughter ‘s college watching her perform in “Twelve Angry Jurors” title changed to include women.☺️ Fantastic!


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