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Do you know Irene?

You might already know Irene… If like me, you are lucky enough to have her in your blogging circle, you have probably enjoyed her kind words in your comment box.

If not, let me introduce her to you… Irene is an awesome lady with the biggest heart. Orignally from Denmark, she moved to Spain in 2012. (I know, even Danes make mistakes sometimes…. LOL No offense, Irene! Hehehehe ) She used to blog about her life in Spain, her wonderful family, and her handmade jewelry online shop.

Unfortunately, in 2017, she had to give up blogging to fight sudden health matter. I think I can talk in the name of her readers, when I say that she was missed very much. She was gone for a long time, having to focus on her own wellbeing, and I really hoped she would return, someday.  I remember tearing up, when I noticed her first ”like” as she gradually made her comeback to the Bloggosphere.

Irene might live in Spain, but she’s a true Viking! She fought like a warrior, and now she has re-opened her Etsy shop.

Okay… And why this repost now Cyranny?

Thank you for asking!

The lady is back to blogging with new goals and dreams, and I just can’t let the chance slip, to try to help a little. Irene wishes to move to Germany (still not Denmark, but close enough!) to enjoy weather better fit for her health, and to get closer to her children and grand children.

But moving to a different country is expensive. And here’s where we can help… All the profits coming from the selling of her jewelry will be used to plan her move. With Christmas coming fast, I am sure there’s at least one woman in your life who would love an exclusive piece of jewelry made with love by a fellow blogger! And even if you don’t have money to spend, you can always help spreading the news around.

That’s what we bloggers do, isn’t it? Help each other when we can… And if Irene doesn’t deserve a little hand, I wonder who would! So please take a minute, visit her blog, share her post, and give her your support.



I find it a little difficult to get into the custom of blogging again. One week, I have lots of ideas and the last month, I haven’t found the feeling for blogging. I hope, this will become better again Sometimes life interrupts our dreams and ideas for living and we end up in a place, […]

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