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Are you ok, Greenland?

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If you’ve been around The Cove for a while now, you might know about my love for flags. I’ve long given up worrying about statistics, blogging-wise, but I do enjoy a flag check from time to time, to see if any new country has passed by my little corner of The Internets, recently.

I have been waiting for the above flag to appear in my stats for years.

I have even found blog-buddies that have the same hope, that someone from Greenland visits their place, at least once, even just by accident! We just neeeeeed that flag! Don’t judge us!

I’ve seen Greenland many times, while flying to Denmark or France, and on my way back. It’s actually funny, because wether flying during summer or winter, I’ve never seen much anything green from the sky. If there’s green in Greenland, they hide it well. If anything, I think they should have called it Whiteland. Beautiful, but definately not green.

I figured it was probably Viking humor. The first that discovered Greenland probably thought of the tales they would spread around when they traveled back to Scandinavia. And since they knew how perilous a trip it was to get to Whiteland, they would lure their enemies with an imaginary dreamland, covered with green fields, perfect to set new colonies…

Or maybe it was just greener back then. Or maybe not.


That’s probably about to change. I’m not making it up, Clare Nullis from the U.N. World Meteorological Organization said, in a recent presentation, that Greenland’s glaciers were melting so quickly that during the month of July only, it had lost 160 billion tons of ice.

Now, I absolutely suck at estimation. Wether it has to do with distances, surfaces or age-looking, I am terrible at estimating. If estimating was a skill required to survive as a human, I wouldn’t have made it to preschool. And I am not kidding.

So I was grateful when Clare added “That’s roughly the equivalent of 64 million Olympic-sized swimming pools.” Wow, that’s a shitload of water! I should know, because 64 million of anything is a lot already, but we also have the chance of having an Olympic swimming pool here, in Montréal. I know how big that is….

But no worries, I thought about you people who don’t live in a city that has an Olympic pool to judge for yourself.

An Olympic-sized pool holds about 2.5 million liters of water. The average family pool you or your neighbour might have in your backyard holds around 20,000 liters. So at yard-pool scale, the Greenland glaciers meltdown is the equivalent of 8,000,000,000 average swimming pools.

Still having trouble figuring how much water that means? I’m there for you!!

The Internets say that as of today, the number of humans crawling everywhere on Earth is around 7,720,000,000. Meaning that if we took the melted ice and filled pools with it, every human being could have his or her private pool, and we wouldn’t even have to worry about spilling a little bit in the process!

I get that this is ridiculous. People already living by the water, or even on water probably wouldn’t be interested in having a pool. Nor would people like me, who live in an apartment, with no piece of land where to put my pool. Or Chéri’s, for that matter… Because we’d each get one! A lot of people in retirement homes, or at the hospital wouldn’t care much for one either. And there are places around the poles, or in the desert, where I don’t see pool installation happening. Babies probably shouldn’t get one either, since they wouldn’t even be allowed to use it without supervision.

But still… you get the picture.

Do you allow me to return to Greenland? (Thank you)

This intense bout of calculation gave me goosebumps. All this ice melting is just the result of July’s heat waves… What will happen, if we get a hot month of August? And if summer stretches a little and September is nice too?

I am afraid that Greenland will quickly go from Whiteland to some kind of Atlantide. And I am pretty sure that wi-fi doesn’t work very well underwater.

If Greenland drowns, so will my dream of seeing its flag in The Cove.

And that would suck!!

So… Greenland, let me know what I can do to help! I promise to do as much as I can, to stop the flooding, all you have to do is leave a little flag in my stats, and I’ll keep spreading the word around me, that we need to keep you white for a while still!!


Here’s the link to an article, stating Mrs Nullis’ speach

10 thoughts on “Are you ok, Greenland?

  1. Nice post about Greenland, Cyranny 🙂
    In the summer in Greenland, there are green, just only in few months per year. I do have friends there and have seen many photos from there, without any snow to see.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Irene! As you probably guessed, I sometimes play dumb to make things funnier 😉 I am sure that Greenland totally owns its name, the few months it dares to take its snow coat off 🙂 I hope that I’ll someday have the chance to see it in person!

      Have a lovely Sunday 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Like you, I have a Greenland sized hole in my blogging map. In fact I even only found your post because I was looking for a Greenland blogger who I might trick into stopping by my blog. When I wrote a Greenland blogging post, I noted that the entire population of Greenland is about the size of the University of Florida. Because I only use the wordpress analytics tool, I can’t tell if anyone from University of Florida ever visited my blog. I hope a Greenlander drops by your blog soon. Have you ever considered… maybe they don’t have the internet in Greenland.


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