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Wall of Fame… Update!



Happy Saturday Lovelies!

Just a quick note to give you an update about my dear Wall of Fame! As you can see it on the above picture, a new card has been added today, and now I’ll have a lovely hand made Dannebrog literally greeting me, each day that I sit at my desk!

This most lovely card was sent to me by the awesome Bee, from The Bee Writes! It will now hang out with the cards I previously received from Candace (Revenge of Eve) and Lori (Mrs Completely)!

Thank you, once more, Ladies!!


If you’d like toΒ read more aboutΒ my Wall of Fame, or if you’d like to be part of it, click here.

5 thoughts on “Wall of Fame… Update!

    1. A lot of companies are switching to IP phone service directly through computers, and quite frankly, I am very glad we haven’t… I like to have a real phone in front of me πŸ™‚


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