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Good news…



The stress level has gone up, once more… But at least, things are going forward!

For those of you that have been following the news about Dad’s health issues, I just had a surprise, about an hour ago.

Dad is being transfered, as I type this post. On his way to (yes! yes! yes!) Montréal, where he’ll go into surgery sometime tomorrow. I called to take my day off from work, and I am preparing the apartment to welcome Mom overnight.

It is stressful, but we are glad all the waiting and worrying is coming to an end.

Because of this, I’ll be quiet on the commenting back for a day or two. I’ll schedule my A to Z Challenge posts, and my Quickies, but it might take a little time before you get an answer to your messages. Please do leave a note if you feel like it, I’ll get back to you when things are quieter!

Thank you all, again, for the warm thoughts and prayers! Your support makes a difference, and I am very grateful that you keep a man you don’t even know, in your thoughts!

*Fingers crossed* for tomorrow… I’ll keep you posted, when we know more!

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