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Thank you! (previous post’s update)


A HUGE thank you for all the visits, the prayers and the warm thoughts you sent to Melanie B Cee, after reading my previous post, Help!

It is always stressful to know that a fellow blogger is possibly in distress, and not be able to help. Luckily, one of Melanie’s close friends saw my post and sent us the following message:


Thank you all for being concerned about my dear friend, Melanie. She lives three doors down from me. I am pet mom to Taco, Huny’s chihuahua friend who stays with Melanie sometimes when we are out of town. My adult son and I were with them at the vet when Huny crossed over.
This was Melanie’s last fur baby to be with her in physical form, and her heart is going to hurt for a long time. I am aware of Melanie’s comments in her blog posts, and I have offered to let her stay with me if she doesn’t want to be alone. I can feed her, and I can love her, and I can “sit with her in the sh*t.”
My family is looking out for her. It sounds like she has friends around the world who are looking out for her too.
Bless you all,


Needless to say, I sighed with relief when I read these words.

I am so glad to know that Melanie is being taken care of… And I am happy to see how much kindness was sent to her even if some of you didn’t know her at all before today!

I don’t call you people ”Lovelies” for no reason!


13 thoughts on “Thank you! (previous post’s update)

    1. This message from Rachel is (by far) the comment that made me the happiest in months!! It is always heartwarming to read that people appreciate what you write, or that they laughed a good deal because of your humor, but knowing that someone you were worried about is safe… That’s just no match 😉

      Amazing blogging family indeed! You people are amazing! xx

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