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Coffee is dangerous…


I don’t drink coffee. I love the smell of it, but it just won’t make it past my lips. I never could drink it, and I doubt that will ever change.

I learnt to make coffee as a child. There was always a pot brewing in the house, because both my parents drank it all day long. I never thought coffee-making would eventually become dangerous. But it did.

Tonight I was at work, and I noticed that someone had left the Keurig coffee machine open. I never use it, so I couldn’t have seen the following warnings. These messages can be seen all around the area where you put the little plastic cup.




Sharp needles? Do not put fingers in k-cup chamber? WARNING (in red) Very hot liquid?? Not for use without adult supervision?

That’s a lot of warnings for a mug of comforting coffee, if you ask me.

I am worried now. Are you lovely people risking your lives just for a hot drink? There is no warning on the kettle I use to make my occasional hot chocolate, meaning I am obviously keeping out of trouble. But what about you?

I just thought you should warn you.

Daredevil coffee drinkers!

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