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So yesterday, I told you about this “Been” application that lets you keep records of where you’ve been in the world, and what percentage of the countries you’ve visited so far.

I hit a disappointing (to say the least) 8%, and there was way more grey there, than I could stand to stare at. (you can check it out here)

Did I get rid of “Been”? No… But I knew I had to do something to (try to) make me feel better about my map. So I thought “hey, I might not have been to that many countries yet, but a lot of countries have visited The Cove since I opened it!”

So I cleared all the countries in my application, and started over using my WordPress statistics. This took quite a while, and there were so many (166) that I started thinking, “now this will be impressive!”



I wouldn’t go as far as to say I was petrified, but I sure didn’t think there would be so many little countries out there I still hadn’t recieved a visit from. And of course, there is still Greenland, who hasn’t showed up to this day, despite my many efforts to seduce the big piece of land…

Still, this map looks a lot better than yesterday’s, and I have hope that with time, I’ll improve that percentage. Hope can take you a long way… Even when it comes to feeble things like this world map obsession of mine…



Via Fandango’s One Word Challenge, Petrified and Word of the Day Challenge, Hope

20 thoughts on “Hmm…

    1. I like this better than my “personal” score LOL I think that unless you travel for a living, or are a real globetrotter, the percentage will inevitably be ridiculous 😛

      Glad you enjoy the app too! All the credit goes to Fandango, though 😉

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      1. Oh no Cyranny. The 22% reflects my travels. I haven’t checked the readership. That is pretty good though except for some reason only one person in the whole of South America has ever visited me!! What”s with that?
        Yes, haven’t reached my first anniversary yet. You have a great memory 🙂


  1. Oh my, that does look so much more orange. If I ever find myself with several hours with absolutely nothing to do and I’m about to go bonkers from boredom, I might try that same exercise. Nah, prolly not. 😆

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      1. As Suze already said, I know for a fact that there is at least one person in Greenland who comes on WordPress, because both Suze and Danny from “Dream big Dream often” got at least a visit…. The odds are thin, but I still hope to get my flag someday 😛

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  2. Fascinating! I am always amazed by the countries that turn up as having visited my blog. I only write about horses and there are people who come from , literally, ALL over the world. Anyway Denmark will come . Just give it time.

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    1. Me too… sometimes I try to imagine people in countries so far away, stumbling upon of my stories, or a silly picture, and it is very heart warming to get the attention of people we never would have come across otherwise… That one of the joys of blogging!

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