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Care for a cup?

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Yesterday, following a link that Kristian had posted, I discovered a new blog, I thought was worth a little shout-out!

What makes Bottomless Coffee 007 so special, is the series of podcast interviews you can listen to. I was a bit unsure at first, because Kristian’s interview was almost 39 minutes long, and it seemed rather longish. I thought I’d probably cut it short, since I was at the office.

First thing I knew, it was over, and I wished it had been a little longer! The gentleman behind these recordings really has a way with people, and leads the conversation perfectly, giving much space to his guest, and filling in when needed with humor and wit.

As I said, I started with Kristian’s interview, and then noticed Rory, from A Guy Called Bloke had recorded one too. I didn’t know Rory, but I seemed to be the only one around that didn’t follow him, so I gave his interview a shot. It almost felt as if I was at the restaurant, sitting alone, listening to the two guys chatting at the next table. I liked it and went on listening to a couple more, of bloggers I didn’t know at all.

Bottomless Coffee 007‘s host shows a real interest in everything his guests bring to the table, and it makes a real difference. And if you like the concept too, you can leave your name to participate to a future podcast.

Please do! I’d love to listen to your voice, and get to know you better…

Oh! And here are the links to Kristian’s and Rory’s interviews. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Care for a cup?

      1. LOL I just got out of an 8 days straight of midnight shifts, so I haven’t had as much time as I wanted to read everything going on on my reader… can you give me the link, so I can check it out, please? And no worries, you could never say anything about my job that would require appologies 😛 *hugs*


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