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Care for a cup?

    Yesterday, following a link that Kristian had posted, I discovered a new blog, I thought was worth a little shout-out! What makes Bottomless Coffee 007 so special, is the series of podcast interviews you can listen to. I was a bit unsure at first, because Kristian’s interview was almost 39 minutes long, and it seemed rather longish.…… Continue reading Care for a cup?

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Stretch your whut?

  Me: You are aware you can nap on the other couch, the armchair, either of the beds or any other place in the apartment, aren’t you? Freja: Yup. Me: I have a lot to do this afternoon. Could you move so I can stretch my legs a bit and answer my WordPress messages? Then…… Continue reading Stretch your whut?

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Not In The Mood – Notthedane56

  She was not in the mood for me not being in the mood “Moody, you are” she exclaimed “Am I just at your beck and call whenever, wherever?” I replied, which made her a bit on the moody side, not being in the same way that I was moody, I tried, to start this…… Continue reading Not In The Mood – Notthedane56

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M – Part Nine

  I accidentally catch the envious glance from a secretary wearing a chic tailor, obviously thinking we are a couple. I address her a content smile… There you go, in your face, snobby! I stare back, establishing my fictive territory. It is good to be Mrs Madsen! And still, in my imaginary relationship, existing only…… Continue reading M – Part Nine

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1, 2, 3… Chill!!

for Nikki’s Creative Prompt – Week 6 : What’s your chill?   While wondering about the best way to chill, I thought I’d ask the chilling master… Freja! She basically lives to chill, and maybe, if I petted her the right way, I could get some advice… So I walked around the apartment, to find the…… Continue reading 1, 2, 3… Chill!!