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Cyranny’s quickie!



Is every piece of truth worth telling? 


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28 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. No. Some things are best kept to oneself, and telling the bald-faced truth ALL THE TIME is just mean in my opinion. You’ve given me a question with this for next week’s SYW too. I’ve asked it before, but it’s timeless and fascinating what people think about that.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoy this topic enough to blog about it, Melanie. People who claim that they can’t be blamed because they are just so very transparent… Ugh! If it means hurting people uselessly, it is not honesty, it is just being mean.

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      1. It really is mean-spiritedness dressed up in acceptable clothes. I’m reading a book right now where a couple of the characters do that “I’m just being honest” crap when they serve up a backhanded ‘compliment’ or something equally nasty. People like that don’t associate with me for long, because I have no use for them and won’t associate with them, once I find out.

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  2. I’m adding my “no” to the list. Having been a first responder, there were situations where a loss of life occurred in a very horrific manner. We made it a policy not to divulge any unpleasant or unsettling details of the situation. In fact, we tried to avoid all contact with the family of such victims if possible, leaving that task to the doctors or clergy if we could. When we couldn’t avoid the questions, we were very careful in what we said. Being asked such questions was the hardest part of the job. What we all saw in such situations was bad enough for us – no point in building terrible memories for the family.

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