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Party time @ Trina’s!

Each week, Trina the Fabulous throws a party for us all to enjoy! She opens the doors to her blog, and welcomes everybody for a great mingling time.

This week, I don’t just dare you to join the party. Christmas is at our doors, and I dare you to come and share at least one link from another blogger you like a lot! Trina reblogs all the links left in her comment box over the weekend! So join in, and help promote blogs you consider deserve to be discovered!!

You know the saying:  Sharing is caring!


When I say colder, I mean colder for the UK, not for somewhere like Canada or Russia But its starting to feel a little bit more like Christmas here and where better to spend the weekend than reading some good blogs with some Hot Chocolate Lets Go If you have never done this before, give […]

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