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Picture Battle – Om vs Cyra, and the winner is…

Jason, from Harsh Realities is a smart man. There is no denying that.

Over the past couple of years, he rused me into imitating his pictures in the cheapest way possible. Relentlessly, I copy-catted OM… And I have to admit, I was most probably the only one truly amused with this. Oh, a couple of you laughed politely, but I know there was more eye rolling than frank giggles.

This time, Jason thought he could make a buck or two (or a couple millions) out of luring me into battling him again! Check his evilish invitation to fight here.

What he didn’t know, is that I already have my weekly ticket for The Cove!




There you go, OM!! And I didn’t spend any money to fight you back this time (well, uh… Yes I did, but I would have, anyway!)

And don’t worry, you’re now on the list of people who’ll get their share if we win the jackpot tonight. I hope it’ll go both ways… LOL

You brought this on yourself!! Again…

6 thoughts on “Picture Battle – Om vs Cyra, and the winner is…

      1. Thank you for the kind gesture!! I already can see the National Inquirer’s front page: ”A big star blogger and his wannabe copy cat BOTH win the jackpot in the United States AND Canada!!” LOL

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