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News from Gaston!

You might have read about our nightover visitor just the other day.

As Kat mentionned, in the comment box, Gaston is a Calico cat, also referred to as chattes d’Espagne here in Québec. Chatte is feminine, for a good reason; cats that have a Calico coat are almost always females.

So yes, Gaston is actually a Gastone. And she is now waiting at the animal shelter. I thought I’d share with you the link to the Found cats section of their website, so you can finally have a clear look at her pretty face! You can find it here, and Gastone’s file number is MC-10908. I hope she’ll find her family back, but I am not worried. If no one claims her back, I am sure she’ll find a new family in no time!

More news to come! Good ones, I hope!

3 thoughts on “News from Gaston!

  1. I would love to take a look at the site but then I would just want to adopt her and several others. I would love to have a cat but because we travel to Florida every winter and it is a three day trip. It is hard to take a cat on a trip in the car like that. We take out little dog but it is different for a dog. My husband says it would not be right to have a cat crated and then travelling for three days. So no cats for the moment here.

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  2. We had a calico similar coloring. It was my daughter’s wish but she found she was allergic, so her brother babied her. Of course her name was Whiskers and she was only loving when she wanted. Her fave thing to do was jump around in Christmas paper. Good luck to Gastone! ;.)


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