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Overnight visitor…

There are many stray cats in our neighbourhood. It is not uncommon to hear cats fighting or just making themselves known all year long.

I am fluent in Cat-talk, and I can recognize the meows of a lost kitty when I hear one. And yesterday night, one showed up on our front porch. Of course, I couldn’t just ignore it. I went downstairs and the little guy literally jumped in my arms.

Gaston (I just had to name him) is probably the most affectionate creature I had the chance to meet. He just purred and meowed and rubbed himself against my calves over and over. He had clean cut claws, so I knew he had been well taken care of until very recently.  I gave him food and water, and left him outside, hoping he would just walk away and find his way back home.

I posted a couple of pictures on Facebook, just in case a friend, or a friend’s friend living in Montréal would recognize Gaston. Most of them are blurry and not very good, sitting still not being on Gaston’s agenda, even if it meant helping to find his family.






Monsieur Gaston knew what he wanted….


When it was time to go to bed, I was still thinking about our little friend, so even if he had stopped meowing a long time ago, I just went to check out. As soon as the door opened, the little furball just sprung back on the porch.

It was a cold night, rain was about to start and I just couldn’t leave him outside like that.

So we welcomed him. I put him in our spare room, with water, food and a little litterbox, and closed the door. I was afraid he would cry all night, but he just stayed there in silence. The purrrfect kitten.

I was also surprised that Freja didn’t complain about the new cat in HER house. But this morning, she decided we should have a little meeting to set things straight.




Sharing was NOT an option. She even purred to show me that she (too) could be cute, and reminded me that she was the one making rules around the house. She wouldn’t hesitate to make my life horrible if I didn’t get rid of Monsieur Gaston.

NOW! (ok, it sounded more like ”Meow”, but I got her point)

So I found an animal shelter, and we’re now waiting for people to come and pick our overnight visitor up.

Surprisingly, Miss Freja went back to her Grumpy Cat ways as soon as I put down the phone. And some people say cats are stupid.

I beg to differ!

16 thoughts on “Overnight visitor…

    1. Thanks to technology, we are able to keep track of our little visitor at the animal shelter… I’ll post when I learn if she (yeah, it was Gastone after all :P) has returned home, or has been adopted 🙂 I am sure she’ll find a house soon!

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      1. Unfortunately, I live in Florida. I lost my cat that looked exactly like this one two years ago. It was not like her to wander anywhere I hadn’t been and it really killed me to loose her. She also had no front claws. She was microchipped so I hoped if someone found her, a vet or shelter would check the microchip. If I could get this one here I would just because I still really miss Teyla. Of course, I might have the same issue as I have another cat now. Gaston would be so unusual as calico’s rarely are male. I’ll send you a picture of Teyla if you’d like so you can see how close they are.

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      2. I’d love to see a picture of Teyla, you can send it to 🙂 I am sorry for your loss… I never lost my cats, and I can’t imagine how mortified I would be to wonder where she is 😦 😦 😦 You are right about Gaston being a she after all. I hadn’t thought about his furr colors! Gastone is now at the animal shelter, and we are going to keep track of her going back home or getting adopted through their website… I’ll keep you posted 🙂 xx


    1. It was definately an indoor cat. And I would bet it didn’t spend a lot of time outside… It knew how to invite itself in LOL I think the only thing keeping cats from rulling the world is the fact that it would cut on their napping time 😛

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