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After Eight Moments…



 And I bet you thought I was a nice girl…


This was taken at the cabin in the woods we rented for a weekend, a couple of weeks back. No, not the picture, the Monopoly twenty dollar bill! There were a couple of board games available for visitors, but with so many missing pieces, that we kind of gave up after a while. (the only game we actually managed to play was Monopoly, and two out of the three players around the table don’t really like dealing pieces of land.)

After putting all the not-missing pieces in every box, we stored the board games where they belonged, and the next morning, I found this 20$ lying on the kitchen table.

And I kept it. Yes, I am that much of a badass!

But I promise, if we win the sixty million dollars jackpot on Friday, I’ll take it back to the cabin, and I’ll buy an entirely new set of board games for them too!

I mean, come on Life! If that’s not a deal?! You’re going to have to give that jackpot to someone someday!



If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here.

Description for the visually impaired: Close up on a Monopoly twenty dollar bill with my keyboard as a background.

4 thoughts on “After Eight Moments…

  1. I like the original Monopoly, I’m not talking 1920 or anything, but my grandson and I played Wyomingopoly ?? Which I don’t like. The rules are changed and I’m not wanting to learn new rules. Scrabble, and trivia, parcheesi, battleship, othello are favorites. Whenever we played othello we had to go out and buy thin mints!!😂 Some new games I like are Timeline and Ticket to Ride. Love them.


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