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Between Bloggers – Peer influence.

As bloggers, most of us aim to please.

I’ve come across a couple of bloggers that paid little, if any attention to what their readers liked and disliked about their blog, but in general, I think we get influenced by what people say on our or other people’s blogs.

Fandango’s latest post (you can read it here) reminded me of that peer influence. As a matter of fact, this was supposed to be just a comment in response to Fanfango’s words, but I thought it was worth more than a couple of lines reply.

The comment that inspired Fandango today came from a reader who expressed their lack of interest in posts writen for daily prompts. It could have been anything else, really, like no interest in people just posting pictures or talking about politics a lot.

We all have different reasons to come scrolling down other people’s posts. Some of us seek others’ fantasy worlds, others will prefer to read about strangers’ lives… Some of us want to be inspired, while others want to militate, or get informed about different subjects.

It is easy to doubt ourself after reading a comment like the one quoted in Fandango’s post. And I think it is normal to wonder if we should change our way of blogging to fit readers’ interest, it happened to me more than once. I am pretty sure the following questions have been on the mind of many of you…


Should I post more? – Should I post less?

Should I talk more (or less) about myself?

Should I change my content to fit my readers’ interests?

I’d like to try something new, but should I stick to what I already do?


And the answer to all of the above, to me, is simple. No.

Blogs are a little like online stores. Some have varied products (I always compared The Cove to a convenience blog) and others are more specialized. Up to you, as a reader, to decide where you shop. But I don’t see the point in telling people what you don’t like. I don’t eat eggs, and I’ve never writen to my local grocerie store to tell them some of their customers didn’t like eggs. I just don’t buy them. And if for any reason, the store owner decided to cease selling anything but eggs… I would just stop shopping there (and think that this is a really silly store).

Blogs are very personal places to express ourselves through different medias. The way you choose to do it, and the subjects you decide to adress are entirely up to you. No negative outside influence should push you to change that. Take the good comments and ideas, get inspired by them, and leave the frowners to frown.

Now, I know the person mentionned in Fandango’s post didn’t mean to be negative. The comment was very polite and just stating their lack of interest for a certain type of posts. It was just an opinion, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But instead of telling people what you don’t like, why not find blogs you do enjoy, and give them a pat on the back?

Just saying…

15 thoughts on “Between Bloggers – Peer influence.

  1. What you all are doing is a great effort to keep the community intact. I personally struggle with prompts but I really commend why you all are doing for this community.

    Don’t take it hard on yourselves you all are doing an amazing thing and i mean it. I wouldn’t be able to do it.

    Just be yourself and don’t doubt your efforts. 🤗

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  2. I like your thoughts on this. Your comparison is very apt. I often think prompts are for writers to gain inspiration, to learn to Writer better — most of all, but just as importantly to learn how to give praise and appropriate criticism to other writersm to help them improve. I’m always amazed a how many divers3 ideas and stories done one picture, quote, word etc. So, it’s a weird comment for me. Maybe from someone who doesn’t have experience with them, or is just a reader not a writer. They’re entitled to their opinion, but like you said no one’s glimpsed to stop,b/c he or she dislikes them. Prompts on wider terms occur through life experiences, conservations, idea sharing, commenting, and keeping up with the world. So, to me his or her comment isn’t a feasible or educated one. Just my Thoughts 🙂


  3. You make a good point, always be positive is my view and try and understand the point of view of others. I’ve sometimes failed but I try and I’m often plague by these blogging questions…


  4. LOVE this post, Cyranny! I agree, totallllly. We are all so unique in our different ways and our ways of expressing ourselves are going to be totally different. I hate when I see extensive lists of “dos/don’ts” for blogging, it smooshes that creativity I think! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. Well, I agree! Why not say, listen, heres what I love about your blog? Its nice to be nice! I also think, sometimes when I read certain posts it brings up feelings for me, feelings of sadness, upset etc. At other times I am glad I am not alone in what I am going through. xoxo


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