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Just thinking…



I hate this kind of evenings…

My fingers itch, but I know I have to keep them from hitting the “send” button. I failed too many times before, surrendering to the aching late night feelings for connexion. I don’t feel bad, I don’t feel blue. The angel on my right shoulder is just asleep, and the little devil on the other one tempting me to bother people’s for attention.

But I won’t… I won’t… I won’t!





26 thoughts on “Just thinking…

    1. On nights like yesterday, it really is better for me to keep quiet. The things wanting to come out at times like these are not pretty. You didn’t need that sh*t, and I probably would have ended putting my foot in my mouth. I often do that when I am upset. But thank you for the offer 🙂 I might take it some other night, when I want to talk but am not a wrecking ball 😛 xx

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      1. Pffft I have a pretty tough skin, a friend knows when you are being a cockwomble and when you are just there at the right time to have their frustrations taken out on them.

        As I always say if you can’t handle me at my worse then you don’t get the opportuinty to handle me at my best

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      2. Nicely said 🙂 I share your way of thinking… I’ll get in touch with you, next time… Perhaps, it will be so absurd that you might find whinning-me entertaining 😛

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    1. I know 🙂 And I appreciate it! I will make sure to drop you a line if I need constructive brainstorming… But yesterday was just a whinny night, and it wouldn’t have benefited anyone to talk about it. You would have been better off with that skype session, LOL

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      1. I don’t mind whinny if you need to go there … how’s your relationship going? and work? Know something is up so best to share it privately by email with someone you trust!

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      2. We all have stuff that could be going better in our lives. I enjoy a good conversation when it makes things better, or at least leads toward change. But complaining just to complain, like I felt like doing yesterday, is useless… I’ll get in touch with you in private, sooner or later, to have a good discussion. I know you’d be of good advice! xx

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    1. Will do… But yesterday was a big no-no… Sometimes, I just feel toxic. And I prefer to keep “toxic” away from people I appreciate. At least until I can have a constructive, helping conversation… 🙂 xx


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