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Meet Rhapsody…

This is a post I should have published Friday evening.

To say the truth, I don’t know yet how to handle it, and how to put this up. I am a bit confused because I would look totally ungrateful if I didn’t react to a certain post, writen by a certain person. But on the other hand, if reblog this incredibly flattering homage, I feel like I’d be saying “Hey check out how much I am appreciated!!”

So I guess the best way to aknowedge the amazingly kind shout out, is to turn around and give some praise back to the fabulous, the unique and wonderful Rhapsody!

You might already know Rhapsody, from Rhapsody Boheme. If not, you are really missing something. I doubt I’ll manage to write a portrait that will do her justice, but I sure will try, because she totally deserves it!

I don’t remember how I discovered Rhapsody’s blog. Probably through a Meet & Greet party, or some mutual blogging friend. I do remember thinking “Wow, she is pretty… Probably another ‘Look at me girl’!” But I don’t judge books by their cover, and I went ahead and read her words…

And what can I say? I haven’t figured if this kind woman is more beautiful in or out yet. Through her daily life stories, her inspiring words, her eye for photography and her interaction with her readers, I just had to follow her.

When I “met” Rhapsody, she lived in the U.S. Since then, she decided to leave her American life for a while, to return to her German roots, and help out her mother, who needed her care (even if she – her mother – isn’t always too appreciative, but that’s a long story).  That alone goes to show how big Rhapsody’s heart is. It is easy to say “yes, but it is her mother”… But anyone who follows my girl’s blog, knows how big sacrifices she made without the smallest frown.

Rhapsody is always there to give a warm thought or a nice pat on the back, even when she’s the one who needs it the most. I don’t know where she gets all the positive energy that literally oozes from her. And when she occasionally feels down and blue, like we all do, she goes out to nature to connect with it. And she never forgets to bring back a beautiful picture to show us how even not at our best, we can always have the eye for natural beauty.

As she said it herself (and way better than me 😛 ), the two of us connected in a way that can’t be explained. We don’t keep in touch constantly, and we have things that keep us away from the other’s blog, but there is a mystical sisterhood bond that developed naturally between us, somehow.

Rhapsody loves to put others forward, and she has a series called “Celebrating YOU!” going on… She invites any blogger who would like to give a shout out for a friend to contact her, and every Friday, she posts the good words on her blog to celebrate that person.

Which brings me to the reason for this post. This past Friday, Rhapsody chose me. I hesitated to link her kind words here, it felt pretentious. But what she said about me touched me so much that I’ll do it anyway…  You can read her original post here.

Please visit Rhapsody, not to see what she had to say about me, but for the great person that she is. And if you’ll allow me, I’ll just finish this with a little note to my gal!


Dear Rhapsody,

When I read your post, I was overwhelmed. It explains in parts why I took a little time to reply to it. What is there to say, after receiving so much love? “Thank you” seems like a cheap reward for such a heart warming portrait…

I am grateful our paths crossed, everytime we get to exchange even just a few words, and you have no idea the number of smiles you painted on my lips, over the months. You are an exceptional woman, a true warrior at heart, and a child of Nature. Anyone sharing time with you should feel lucky to do so.

As writers, I think we all hope to make a difference in at least one person’s life, with our words. If you feel that way too, be assured that your job is already done, because you inspired me, and brought light in my life at times I really needed it. 

You are a true blogging fairy, gorgeous inside out, and I hope you’ll work your magic for a long time. 

Know that my door will always be open for you, just reach out whenever you might need to!




25 thoughts on “Meet Rhapsody…

  1. Cyranny !

    You have this way of making the person so familiar to another.
    I don’t know Rhapsody, but the way you just described her, her personality, her blog… made me feel as if i knew her !
    Plus, you made me SOOOOOOO want to go over to her blog, pay her a nice visit, follow her, and read some of her posts ! (Which i’m going to do rn.)

    It just feels super amazing to know that there are some amazing people out there, people with huge hearts and amazing personalities.
    You’re one of them ( we all know that), Rhapsody seems like it too.

    It’s amazing getting to know y’all.

    Thank you Cyranny, my dearest, for shining the light on these amazing personalities.

    Love you xox.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Dear Saraa 🙂

      It doesn’t surprise me that you felt familiar with Rhapsody after reading this… You two could be great friends! You both have this warrior spirit, when you need to overcome adversity, and very resilient ability when fighting is useless… I admire that in both you and her!

      I hope you’ll enjoy her good words, you’ll see that her posts are always very inspiring 🙂

      I am glad I could introduce her to you!

      Love you too, Sweety xx

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Awww thank you, Suze 🙂 Rhapsody really surprised me with this, and I know that if it had been the other way around, I would have wanted her to just accept the compliment. So I am trying to do that, but I still think she exagerated a tad bit 😛 Except for the Denmark thing, of course… I DO love Denmark that much!! LOL

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  2. O.M.G. What have you done my gorgeous soul? You know I will have to reblog this. Not to draw attention to myself, put for the very same reasons as to why you did this. I am speechless, and I know understand how you must have felt. O.M. Goodness. Thank you so much. You are too much 💙
    I will actually try and schedule it for tomorrow since I’m gone a few days. So if you see it pop up and removed, that’s why. Sending much love and light and a gen hug, dear sister.

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  3. Reblogged this on Rhapsody Bohème and commented:
    I am simply speechless about this, and that doesn’t happen a whole lot. I pondered for awhile and just like a Cyranny, I felt the need to reblog her kind words. Not to bring attention my way and to say “Check out how cool she thinks I am” but because my heart has truly been touched. To say thank you from the bottom of my heart for her beautiful kindness and for in case you have missed her the first time, to give you another chance to befriend her.
    My dear sister, your words mean the world to me and I will remember them whenever I need a little lift. Thank you for being you and for inspiring us with your beautiful heart and soul. You are one in a million. ♥️

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  4. Beautiful, your words for each other are just beautiful and are a reminder to us all to speak out about our feelings for each other, it can be so easy not to. I am a great fan of ‘Celebrating YOU’ for that reason.
    Cyranny, I haven’t known Rhapsody very long, but feel I have known her forever, she’s like that, as you know. I am delighted to hear anyone confirming what a special person she is because she is simply the most loving, open, compassionate and just generally wonderful person I know of. And I think she’s equally beautiful inside and out.
    To date, I haven’t got to know you, Cyranny, and am feeling the loss, based on what I have learnt from Rhapsody. This is something I would like to remedy. Once my technical difficulties are sorted (my laptop crashed and I am using a loan, pinched for a few minutes only, here and there).
    The power of the heart is carried strongly on the wavelengths projected through the blog-world, it is so precious to know that people like yourself and Rhapsody are making it work in such loving and giving ways. Thank you.

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    1. Wow… I am at a loss for words here! Really! Thank you so much for the amazing comment 🙂 I blushed a bit reading it…

      Please feel free to catch up with things that have been going on in my Cove anytime you’d like 🙂 You’ll always be most welcome here! xx

      Oh, and good luck with your laptop… I hope it gets fixed soon!

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