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T like Thank you – A to Z Challenge


Good evening Lovelies,

I’ve been siting down tonight, staring at the blank page, wondering if I should write this. Maybe I should have waited another day, just in case. But after much thinking, I figured it was the right thing to do.

I love blogging. I love the people I’ve met through blogging. I love sharing stories here, and feeding on others’ inspiration, and letting my imagination go wild, every once in a while.

I don’t have writer’s block. My head is full of ideas, and I had plans for new stuff to try out with you all, in a near future.

But the past couple of weeks, I felt like I was failing you more and more, day after day. I even tried to take a 24h pause to catch up a bit. And I failed at that too.

The recent changes at my job (reduced staff) have significantly impacted my blogging time. In fact, the work burden is so much heavier, that even back home, I feel too tired to write and keep the bond I have with so many of you. I love both. I want to do both. I turn around in circle, and I end up doing neither.

It is frustrating, to say the least. It affects my mood a lot. Too much.

I want to keep helping around, and trying to cheer the less than cheerful. I want to stay around and try to put a smile on people’s faces…  Just as much as I want to stick around and feel like blogging is bringing a lot of joy to my life, long busy working hours are not giving me that liberty.

It totally sucks. I am a bit teary eyed, as I write this.

I know this will mean losing people’s interest over time. (Overtime… ugh!) As a great blogger I know once said, “I won’t be missed”. I can already imagine the comments… “of course, we’ll miss you!” But I know it isn’t true. Some of you  will come around once in a while, to see, in case I was just whining (again) one evening to come back the next, as if nothing had happened. But other bloggers will step in, be fun and bubbly or deliciously funny and witty, and that’ll be it.

It sadens me. A lot.

I worked an awefull lot to build The Cove. I love it. But it doesn’t pay the bills, so booh job wins… at last!

I will still repost Dee, Kate & Kristian’s Words of the Day. I’ll also do mine on Thursdays and Saturdays. I plan on posting the follow up on my What do you dream of? project…. I will get back to the people who got in touch with me by email recently (I am sooooo sorry for keeping you waiting… Really!) And I’ll try to work on catching up on your unanswered comments.

But I guess, officially, I am kind of closing The Cove for a while. I could have just gone silent, but I didn’t want to leave the impression I wanted to make people reach out to see what was wrong.

So, with this said…

I want to thank you all for the constant support. For the pats on the back, for the shared smiles, and for the good laughs. Thank you for being such good sports in all my crazy projects, and for being part of this community I love so much! I wish I could thank you all seperately, but this post would never come to an end.

Thank you, you, who stick around since the beginning, and you, who just recently joined my little home away from home!

Be good, have fun blogging, and keep writing, my friends!



Cyra xx

17 thoughts on “T like Thank you – A to Z Challenge

  1. I can’t bring myself to “like” this. I’m not sure I know what it means, exactly. You will only be blogging those things you mentioned… but nothing more, right? You won’t have time to read others’ posts… or to email? I’m sorry… I’m confused.

    I hope we will still talk but I understand if you don’t have time. But you’re an amazing friend and I really don’t want to lose that. I’m going to miss you… I’m going to miss your posts here. Yes, I really am. I get an email notification every time you post… I’m never going to turn off those notifications. I got teary-eyed reading this.

    You have to do whatever you need to do… what’s best for you… but I am always going to be here.


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  2. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, even if you don’t wanna do it. Good luck and I hope to see your posts, whenever you have an opportunity to write and post them, in my Reader. And yes, you will be missed.

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  3. Oh you will be back at full speed at some point! I am not e v e n worried. You love us too much. AND you will miss writing. About this work thing, I feel you. Sometimes we need a break from it all and rest out buzzing brains. But for now, hang out with humans IRL and we will be here. Like small little www – elf’s . Xoxo your viking in the desert

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  4. wow all that love and understanding written above … post as you can and no more or less. You are super busy and we get that .. you have built up a great following and chat probably to too many of us by email as well. Now I get Brutus’ ode to you .. sad but we will cope and wait and wait .. take care, sweetness and think about my suggestion as your job sounds too much!

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  5. Firstly, you’ve never ‘failed’ us. Ever. And even though I’ve only really followed you properly for a while you always inspire me and put a smile on my face so I hope you know how much I’ll miss you. But I get it. Life is busy and demanding and it takes an effort to balance everything but I hope you’ll keep the Cove open, even if you just pop in every so often and say hi. Take care okay. xx

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  6. I’m sure you’ll get back to the cove. It’s perfectly reasonable to need a break when life starts getting in the way. Let me know if you need help with the word of the day at any point. And we will all be awaiting your return to blogging! ❤️😊

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  7. it is absolutely impossible for you to have “failed us” Cyranny! Impossible! The very fact that there are so many responding to this little post should be enough to convince you of that. Our lovely little programs allow any and all of your posts to be immediately noticed by those of us who follow you, so no worries. there may be fewer posts, but the ones that show up will be so much more loved for the very fact that they are less frequent.
    Unfortunately, in the world in which we live, money has to come pretty much before anything else..that includes blogs. Without it, we have no homes, no sustenance, no INTERWEBS! So do what you have to do for your own health and well-being first my love. Those of us who “know’ you shall remain your ever-loving, ever-reading bloggery-buddies!

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  8. There are no rules about all this. Certainly you will be missed (come on …. you know that) but it is equally certain that you will be letting no one down. You are under no obligations. The Cove (I think) is a place for you to express yourself however you want and whenever you want. It should be a joy and not a task. So just take some joy when you have the time.

    (The rest of us will just mope around, tears in our eyes, bickering amongst ourselves but conducting a nightly vigil past the cove to see if the lights are on and making sure you are safe inside)

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  9. Aw, I am so so sorry to hear this but everyone understands. While you will be VERY missed, even if I don’t always comment I love reading your posts, I hope you will be back to us! Stop by sometimes because this little blogosphere totally would not be the same without you. ❤ Best of luck with work! Selfishly I hope things settle soon so you can come back.. hehe. (PS. I totally echo what Suz said- you could NEVER fail us!).


  10. I’m sorry to say I haven’t known you very long ( I think the round-robin story you challenged us with was the first – and that was so much fun!). I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, and want to thank you for stopping by mine from time to time, too. Best wishes going forward in all you do. 🙂


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