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Nombril de semaine…



Happy Wednesday, Lovelies!

I am exhausted. I am tired (lol) of complaining about it. I don’t want to sound whiny. I am just really, really out of energy. From May 1st until June 8th, I only have 6 days off, and I am currently on day #3 of a twelve days long stretch… I’m not saying this to get pity, I just want to explain why I am a bit drained out.

With that said, I just wanted to mention that I didn’t reply to a lot of comments the past couple of days, but I am planning on catching up tomorrow. I read all your kind words, and it is heart warming to see that you stick around, even when I have to put the keyboard aside a little.

I had a couple of ideas for my “Nombril de semaine”, but I just don’t have the patience to do the research, all the copy-pasting of links, and introducing each blog with the attention they deserve.

So I thought I would ask for your help! This week, I’d like to make itΒ your “Nombril de semaine”… Would you please share the link of your favorite blogger(s) in the comments, below? Let us know whoΒ you like to follow around!

Who makes you laugh, or makes you think? Who makes the best visual art, or writes the best fiction, the best poetry?

Take a second, and leave these great people’s links in The Cove! I might not visit them all tonight, but I will, little by little!

*Big hugs to all*

(sneaking to the bedroom to take a much needed nap :P)




19 thoughts on “Nombril de semaine…

  1. There are so many, loads and loads and loads. I shall do my usual and randomly pick a couple

    I might have lied about the couple

    I could probably pick at least a hundred more, but these two lovely people were the last people to comment on a post and who I love.

    Oh one more cause we have been chatting on and off all day

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  2. Oh, there are so many! Here are a few that come to mind whose writing I greatly enjoy:

    There are so many more too! I need to add a “Blogs I Follow” widget to my page…

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  3. Relating to your business and to the gratitude that’s still there when fellow writers say nice things and my mind is like cold, day old grits. As for which blogs I love, is it lame to say everyone I follow? Cause it’s true.


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