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Blurry pictures, for winter lovers…



Just twelve hours ago, the streets and sidewalks were all clear… It smelled and looked like spring. No more! This is what things looked like when I walked back home at midnight…


And of course, no one had shoveled the stairs to our apartment… Snow isn’t just snow. There are many types of snow, and tonight’s is the wet heavy kind that sets into ice if you let it sit too long. So I left my bags in the hallway, and had midnight fun shoveling!


Until next time… Mr Frost!


30 thoughts on “Blurry pictures, for winter lovers…

      1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I had forgotten about the leotard outfits… how woman-hating could the inventor be, right?? I got to wear my whole “Mr Frost-fighting” apparel for the whole shoveling fun…

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      2. I rode motorbikes too, but gave the evil leotards a try anyway when I was 14 or 15… And I didn’t get any boy’s attention until I was about 18 or 19…

        I think there might be a link, there 😛

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  1. It’s always pretty but… I think I’m over it. We had some spring-like days recently… then yesterday happened. The husband went out with the snowblower when we had just over a foot. Then he had to do it again because about 6-8 more inches fell after that…

    At least it was him out there and not me. 😀

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    1. Mouahahaha yeah, right? It’s like this woman who tells her husband “awww, stop complaining about the snow… It is beautiful, don’t you think??” and he answers “Yeah, well, I’ve had enough of all that beauty!!” LOL

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