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Why you just gotta love Leonard…

Just got back from my girls’ day/night out downtown, Montréal.

The weather was beautiful, I was in great company… We had a blast! We spent almost six full hours at the Leonard Cohen exhibition. I laughed, I cried… And I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow! (a bit tired right now, sorry)

I just wanted to leave you a short interview anecdote, that really made me giggle. Because, though he often gave the impression of being a dark, tortured soul, Leonard had a witty sense of humor, and here’s an example of it.


Leonard Cohen: I considered changing my name…

Interviewer: Oh really? To what?

Leonard Cohen: September…

Interviewer: September? Leonard September?

Leonard Cohen: No… *spark of amusement in his eyes* September Cohen!

Interviewer: ….

Leonard Cohen: I always thought I would change my name and get a tattoo.

Interviewer: Where?

Leonard Cohen: There’s this place on St. Lawrence Blvd.




(not quoting word for word, but probably pretty close to the original conversation, hehe)

15 thoughts on “Why you just gotta love Leonard…

    1. Oh yes, indeed!! Nothing like quality time with your bestest friend, to chase any worries away for the day…. And if you can enjoy good music and a couple of good jokes too, what more can you ask for?? 😉 Have a lovely week, E xx

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