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Sign you’ve never watched Star Trek…

Biff Sock Pow is one of my favorite bloggers. He’s a great man, but there are two schools of thought in life. Star Wars or Star Trek.

I’m a Star Wars adept. He’s on the Star Trek side.

(Dark side, needless to say!)


So, how do you know when you’ve never watched Star Trek, if you’re not quite sure?

You click here, and you don’t understand a thing.


I didn’t. Sorry, Star Trek fans… I’m just not one of you 😉



18 thoughts on “Sign you’ve never watched Star Trek…

      1. In general, I don’t get bothered too much. For some reason, people seem to think that SW and ST are guys’ things. I often get a “whuut? You’re a Star Wars fan???” That, or maybe my face just doesn’t fit the Star Wars stereotype 😛

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    1. Oh! I think you’re the first person I know who likes both 🙂 And that’s fine with me… There really is no competition here 🙂 I just like to pull Trekies’ legs hehehehe


  1. I prefer my sci-fi as old and as clunky as possible. So the original Star Trek wins out. Does anyone remember ‘Lost in Space’? … and I am referring to the series (in the 60’s?) not the movie. The character development of the robot was brilliant. Initially the robot was a functional device purely there to provide technical assistance to the crew, but by the end was a wise cynic …. telling jokes and playing guitar – essentially holding the show together. “Danger Will Robinson!!!”

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      1. Ha! I kinda do too. And the last 10 minutes of Rogue One? I’m sorry, but that was friggin’ fantastic. Darth is so much more badass than ANY Clingon ever could be. 🤙🏻


      1. This blogging thing is going to make me watch a lot of tv 😛 Mouahahahaha Bitter Ben wants me to catch up on the 9 seasons of “The Office” and now I have to check out Dr Who… I’ll have to call in sick, I think…. Yes, that seems like a good plan 🙂


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