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Picture Battle – Cyra vs OM, the comeback!

It’s been what seems like an eternity… And since a lot of you probably never experienced my futile, and totally childish Picture Battles against OM, let me explain quickly what these are about.

First of all, these posts are pretty much pointless. They’re just a way to remind OM that I exist. And hopefully amuse people who have a sense of humor similar to mine. I wait patiently for his “Daily Colorado” posts, which consist of a picture of OM’s everyday life, and I try to take a picture copying him, just with what I have around me.

Here are my previous fights… (I can’t beleive I fought you 13 times already, man!!)

The sandwich fight  /  The soup fight  /  The selfie on bed fight


The drink after work fight  /  The liquor fight  /  The book fight

The keyboard fight  /  The sweet fight  /  The dart game fight

The bed fight  /  The beer fight  / The tomato incident fight

The Kit Kat fight


Jason has been quiet for quite some time after the Kit Kat incident… He probably just recognized I was not to be messed with. I had won the duel, he had walked out of town, on his horse, in the last rays of the sunset!

But he came back…. With this! Click! Click! Click!

Now, I don’t know what he was thinking… He did suggest I tried to take a picture of skis, but I don’t own any. I wanted to use my ice skates, but I couldn’t find them, and I was getting worried I might have to DIY myself something from scratch.

And I pulled this out of a closet…




And now I feel like going roller-skating! Dang you, OM! Oh, and Chéri has been rolling his eyes like never before!

But I fought back! And that’s all that matters, in the end…


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