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After Eight Moments – Special Guest!



I know… There are only two rules for my usual After Eight Moments;

– The picture has to be taken by me.

– The picture has to be taken the same day.

Not today. Today, I break both rules. Hey! It is my Cove, those are my rules, I’ll break them if I wish to! Mouahahahahahahah

I haven’t given up on After Eight Moments, but for personal reasons, I have slowed down on blogging for a couple of days. And I got an offer I couldn’t refuse. Colin from Wecome to my World (formerly Scottish Legends) sent me this shot, and I thought it was hilarious.

Scottish library humor! Colin suggested the work of some naive clerc, but quite frankly, I don’t believe someone can be that naive!

So, tell me… Do you squirt?

30 thoughts on “After Eight Moments – Special Guest!

  1. i giggled like a loon when I read the first line! I worked briefly as a librarian after I retired from my “real” job and thought I would have LOVED a sign that said do you squirt? lol

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      1. You’ve just made my day! And I don’t care if it is an easy one for you… I just love the thought of the clerc’s face mouahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha

        *Rolling on the floor*

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      2. I may have to outrun security, but that wouldn’t be a first. It’d be hilarious if she said, “Sure…just do it quietly.” Which then begs the question: can one squirt quietly? In my experience, I’d say the answer is no. 😃

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