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No mini skirt…



She didn’t need
any mini skirt to
make her sexy…
When he told
her just how clever
he found her to be.
She felt as if she
had cleavage running
right down to her knees.



13 thoughts on “No mini skirt…

    1. okie, I snorted water out of my nose when I read this LOOOOOOOL

      Just a quick question (yes, I should have asked someone before posting, but I am a French daredevil!!) cleavage refers to the crack in a woman’s top too, right? I just want to make sure what I wrote makes sense…. *fingers crossed* 😛


      1. Laugh all you want, Kira, but we do have “back” cleavage LOOOL “Un dos décolleté” refers to those dresses that leave the whole back bare!

        But I was just making sure that “cleavage” referred both the boob crack showing, and the actual crack in the fabric… I don’t even know if this makes sense 😛


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