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Last call!




The clock is ticking, Lovelies! A little more than 48h to submit your idea of a flag. That’s not much time to design a banner to represent all of us who, from time to time, feel like they’re missing a screw or two (or ten) and feel good about it!

I’ll be accepting your flags until Monday, January 15th, 23h59 – Montréal time. And I really hope to get a couple of new submissions by then.

Then I’ll arrange the vote, because there will be a winner!

So here is the original post, if you want to check out the rules and see who already participated!

The clock is ticking… get to your pcs, tablet and drawing boards!




6 thoughts on “Last call!

    1. Oh, I’m sorry to learn you have electrical problems at home, Irene… Best of luck with that! I hope it is not having too big an impact on your daily life!! :/ Take good care! xx


    1. Mouahahahahahaha Yeah, where is your flag, Suze?? I don’t care if you put moose, mice, or a handful of nails on a ham and cheese sandwich on it… You gotta participate, come on!! 😛


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