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I love waking up with the city… The temporary calmness that lingers just before the frenzy of the day to come. People slowly emerge, cars run slowly, dogs get walked, the first train waits patiently.

You can tell when night switches to day again… The sun has nothing to do with it. It is a ballet of first coffees, and first smokes. The sound of heavy suitcases rolling on the sidewalk, thinking about the next flight to who knows where. The first busses, running by empty. Not for long.

The neighbourhood pidgeon flock holds a council near the bakery’s door. Obviously discussing important pidgeon stuff. Or just waiting for leftover crumbs… Maybe.

Looking down from the second floor, I don’t have to worry about spying on the neighbourhood. It is the time of day, when people don’t look up. Gazes follow the paved way, or focus on cellphones’ screens to catch up on the morning news.

And within what, half an hour, it is over. Things are back to the lively city action. As if the night didn’t even take place. People come and go. Business as usual. No one noticed that the city just yawned its last yawn….

Nobody but me.

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