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Eyes closed, she enjoyed the pleasant feeling of the water between her scapulas… The hot stream, shooting from the nozzle massaged her cramped upper back nicely, and she was slowly dozing off, nonchalantly leaning on the head rest.

She loved thermal spas… Especially during the winter. She could’ve spent her whole evening just floating around and enjoying the warmth of the water, if it had’t been so very expensive in the end.

As soon as she left her towel at the entry, she would head to the river-like pool, leading to the outside section of the spa. And find a spot, to relax by herself. Tonight was a bit different, though. After a few chance encounters in the past few months, he had invited her to this special 18+ night.

She wondered if this was in fact a wise thing to do… Oh, he was charming and all, but she wondered if she wasn’t sending the wrong impression by responding to his invitation. She had heard about some of the things that happened during the monthly very special evening at this spa, and she couldn’t say it was quite her type.

He was, though. And she had been curious about the mysterious first Friday of the month nights… At first sight, she couldn’t tell the difference, other than the lack of children occasionally bursting into laughter, or splashing around as they swam by… Then again, it was past nine, and the spa was pretty much childfree every night of the week by that time.

She looked around, but she couldn’t see very far, with the fog. It was just above 0 C outside the pool, and the warmth created a mist at the water’s surface.  What if he didn’t find her? What if other men came to her? Not that she believed herself to be that pretty, but she had a feeling she might come across some weird specimens here…

She hoped he wouldn’t be weird. They didn’t know each other per say, after all. Saying “hi”, and giving each other the eye didn’t guarantee that neither of them was a psychopath… She was pretty confident she wasn’t, but what if he was?

They had met over matching towels… One afternoon, after relaxing a long while in the blue lagoon, she had searched for her towel, thinking it took quite an asshole to steal such an ugly piece of cloth. She had chosen it exactly for that reason, because it was hideous, and she never was worried she’d come back to an empty hook.

She didn’t have to look long to find her thief, and when she tapped on the stranger’s shoulder, she didn’t expect this kind of sight. Tall and fit, the man that faced her had the most charming smile, and he stood, waiting for her to speak as he dried his frizzy hair with her towel… Or so she thought.

They happened to have the same horrible towel, and after finding hers, hidden under a brighter, more inviting one, they had laughed about the coincidence. Just a few minutes spent together, but she had kept an open eye. He was a regular too, and they had bumped into each other every now and then, after the towel incident.

And that last Monday, she had found the note, pinned to her ugly towel…

Meet me Friday night… Around nine?

She had hesitated. Long hesitated… Nobody knew about their encounter, and she felt silly about it. They weren’t kids anymore. Far from it. And she knew nothing about him, except that they had similar towel tastes. Nonetheless, it was exciting to wait for him in the foggy waters for some reason. For all she knew, he might have been watching her from afar… What did she look like? She placed her pulled up hair in a clumsy attempt to look her best.

Maybe the invitation wasn’t his? No, it had to be him… What if he had changed his mind?

She tried to look careless as she turned her head right and left, trying to recogize his silhouette in the mist… But she couldn’t find him, and the more she looked, the more she noticed couples forming and disappearing towards more private mini pools….

This is ridiculous…

She was about to swim back inside the spa to get her belongings and leave when his voice pierced the murk.

– Mademoiselle…

Her heart skipped a beat, and she felt a shiver running down her spine, as she turned around to face her mysterious date…





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