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Promise me…



Dearest, promise me…

Never to let me get your full attention, charm you, get my way through the heavily guarded fortress of your heart… Never let my eyes weaken your will, never let my smile pull promises out of your mouth. Don’t succomb, don’t surrender, to my pleas and my whispers…

No matter how convincing, no matter how affectionate, don’t be fooled by my angelic ways. Don’t let me wrap myself lovingly to you, don’t let my fingers run on your skin, all aflutter. Don’t let my burning lips anywhere around yours,  don’t ever let me close enough to feel my breath on your neck.

Don’t allow me the sheer pleasure of your simple presence. I would only find so many more reasons to cherish your existence. Don’t underestimate the folly of this heart of mine… Don’t belittle my perseverance.

No matter how sneaky I can be…  Promise you’ll never let yourself fall.

Promise you’ll never let yourself love me….

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