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Picture Battle… This one’s turning into a War!

Ok…  I have a feeling I am going to lose the respect of some very talented and intelligent people who thought I was someone somewhat intellectual, and capable of writing serious stuff….

But I am a Mini Wheat, and today is frosted side time! (no… no that kind of “frosted”… *sigh*)


Now… This morning, Kelley started it by publishing a post about fun cats & dogs memes. I swear, she started, I never would have thought about doing anything like this if she hadn’t provoked me… Ok, ok, she didn’t exactly challenge me, per say, but the little voice in my head told me it was a good way to give OM a break, and hopefully, I could get Momma to join the battle, and it would be a great cat fight (cat memes, remember? Not, me, Kelley and Momma fighting in the mudd… Awww you silly Lovelies!!)

What I didn’t expect, was for Colin to jump in and hit me in the head with a post of his own…




So, I had no choice… I re-posted his meme-attack, and got back to the keyboard.



Now, I wanted this post to make some sense… (*snort*) So I wondered what my day would be like if I took Freja’s place….  So here we go; what my day would look like, if I were a cat!





… zZzzZZzzZZzzZZzz…



Because, hey! I (almost) let you sleep all night without feeding me!


You rub my back… I’ll rub yours, Human!


Yup! They’re off to work!!


Let’s nap…


…a little longer…


… Awww… yes, sleeeeeeep….


… this is such a loooong day, I hope the Humans will come back soon, I kinda feel hunger coming….. Kinda…


Oh yeah! They’re back!!  Food time!!!!!!!!


Gotta keep a good grip on those Humans… 


Hey, a cat has to get a good night of sleep… There’s always tomorrow coming!


Voilà! I know Colin will be disappointed… But he’ll have to get used to it. I make a lot of people feel that way! LOL

9 thoughts on “Picture Battle… This one’s turning into a War!

  1. Nice I like like it. Upping the anti with the narrative element. I approve.

    You for get something my dear Cyranny for I am a writer and I am up for the challenge.
    That being said it’s 1am and I am exhausted. You have a reprieve and I shall issue my reply on the morrow.

    Have a good night and well played.

    Liked by 1 person

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