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Picture battle… OM vs Cyra – Beer time!

It is Friday night… I get it.

Normal people with normal life get to go out and have a beer, and hang out with friends, and have fun! At least, Jason, from Harsh Reality does, and he makes sure to use bathroom time wisely, and post about his evening out to remind people like me that they are just living a miserable life (I am not, really, but it did give a little dramatic twist to this, didn’t it?).

I know Jason thought it was an easy win, since I am at work, and Booh boss frowns upon us bringing beer, wine, liquor and the like at the office. But that is underestimating me…. Again!

So before presenting my own picture of the day, in direct fight with M. Cushman… See his previous provocation here!



I might go down in the end, OM… But I won’t go down without a good fight!


Now, I think I’m starting to take this batteling seriously because I wrote this whole post humming this song…


Taking it seriously, or maybe it is just that I really like this tune, which I do. 😉


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