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Cyranny’s Jukebox…



Working in the technical support business, I spend most of my working time on the phone. Talking to people, lying on counters (when retailers have customers to serve and just put down the phone – not always giving me notice – leaving me waiting while I hear everything going on in the store), or on hold.

Being put “on hold” can be a tricky thing, because I am very inclined to have earworms, as you probably know it, and hearing just a short part of a song I like can end up in me having it on my mind for hours… Or days… sometimes (not often, thank God!) for weeks.

Yesterday, as I waited for a lady, I got “Take my breath away” from Berlin… No, not the city, silly… Not the syndrome either. The band. You probably remember the song from Top Gun’s soundtrack…


Top Gun is one of my dad’s 2 all-time favorite movies, The other one being The Bodyguard.

When Top Gun came out in 1986, I was 8 years old, and Tom Cruise made quite an impression on me! I didn’t understand everything going on, but I liked the movie… A lot. What was there not to like about it? Good looking guy (Tom… follow! Yeah, yeah, yeah… Nothing, when compared to Mads, but I didn’t even know that Denmark existed back then – Heresy!), riding a cool motorcycle, just like Dad, cool planes, cool chasing around in the sky…

Dad’s favorite scene was (and most certainly still is) this one…


Ohh… How many times did he do that to Mom…?  The “I can’t hear you” on motorcycle part, I mean! Then again, I hope they enjoyed the other part too, I just don’t even want to think about it. Dad even had that leather (leather-like… I don’t believe Dad had a real-leather jacket back then) with all the nice patches sewn on it.

Come to think of it… I believe this was the first love scene I’ve been aware of. And I remember asking Mom, while watching the backlit scene, why they kept sticking their tongues out while kissing…. Awww, all young and innocent! Mom mumbled something about chewing gum sharing, and I believed her for a while… But I am wiser than that now. I know Hollywood studios have enough money to provide gum for everybody… So if you know the truth about all that tongue sticking… Drop me a line, please! (lol)

Top gun’s soundtrack was one of the albums I listened to the most. Because I listened to it in my walkman (later on in my discman) and in my room… But it was also Dad-approved in the car…

Take my breath away brings back a whole lot of nice souvenirs of those cool times, back in the mid 80s, and good times with Dad pretty much anytime since the release of the movie. To this day, I just have to take de DVD of the shelf, I know the answer will be “yes”.

Wanna watch Top Gun Dad?…


P.S. I had planned to include some videos from the other movie that marked me with its story AND soundtrack… Dirty Dancing… But I obviously got carried away with all the Top Gun memories…

Maybe next time….

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