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Look Mum! Thatz my new hawz!


Yeah, I know, furball.. Where do you think it comes from?!

Not long ago, our (well, miss Freja’s) cat tree broke. I was not totally surprised. After having been Cissy and Freja’s playground for more than 6 years, it had endured more than its share of clawing, jumping around and much much napping time.

Since Chéri and I don’t have days off together often, we decided to go new cat tree hunting. It might sound dramatic, but it was quite epic!

At least, the first, and most important step had been taken care of: choosing the cat tree. We had found it online. We could have ordered it from The Internets, but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t wobbling.

So, off we went, and drove to the first store (yeah… the first. Take notes) and started looking around. They had what we wanted, but I doubted it fit in the car. Chéri was sure about it (he is an eternal optimist!) so we bought the ready to use one, to save ourselves the diy part. Of course, we were parked at the other end of the parking lot, and had to carry the huge thing around, and then… Surprise! Surprise! It just didn’t fit.

Plan B. We walked across the whole parking lot again, trying to find the right pace not to get hurt in the process… Back inside the store, I asked for the boxed Ikea-like version. Of course… They didn’t have any! “Would you like me to order a boxed one from the warehouse, you could pick it up Friday!” Well, of course I’d like that! Please do, by all means…

Oh, surprise again… (!) The warehouse is back order! (oh, really?)

By now, the dog people in the room were giggling, and thinking how nice it is, not having to buy Fido a dog tree! But I don’t have to walk Freja by freezing temperatures during Winter, so I still was pretty calm, looking at my options… Yes, I know choosing another model, or just going back home were always possible, but my brain told me that if this particular dang cat tree is so hard to get, it had to be because it is popular, and good quality….!

“Eureka!” Yelled the saleswoman. No, she didn’t actually yell, nor did she say eureka. But she had a plan C. “Another store might have a boxed one. How mobile are you?” How mobile? Let’s see… Chéri works on Thursday, so if it is accessible by car, and there is a chance that we could be back by thursday afternoon… Nothing will stop me!

The lady starts making calls… One other store (at the other end of the city, but dang, I want my cat tree!) had a boxed unit of the Holy Grail, and she reserved it for us, if we agreed to go there right away… You bet, ma’am!

We jumped in the car – by the way, it was about 6 o’clock (important information!) – and we rode, hoping the lady didn’t just pretend talking on the phone, to get rid of us…

We got to store #2 around 6h30. There was no car in the parking lot, and I spotted a girl, hastingly locking the door as we pulled in. What.the.dang?? I got to the door, to find out that store #2 closed at 6h00!!

Oh! Come on!!

Quoting Chéri: “Did they think we were riding a spaceship???”

(I got the “how mobile are you?” question now… But I didn’t tell Chéri)

He was ready to forget about it all, but I knew there were still two stores on our way home. I proposed we’d stop at the first one, and I felt a lack of enthusiasm from the driver’s seat, but it ain’t over ’til it’s over, and we pulled in the third parking lot, all fingers crossed.

The store was open (for 20 minutes, but still… Open is a pretty nice start) They DID have one unit. But… (yeah, there is a “but”. There’s always a “but”!) It was not in a box.


Fortunately, the lady there was actually ultra nice! She offered to un-build it so we could take it home in pieces, just not in a box. Oh, well… At least I won’t have to get rid of a box… And it only took us a visit to three stores, three hours of our time, and a full tank of gas!

Chéri is not the handy kind of guy,  so as soon as we got home, I got to work. Just hoping Freja would like it… Otherwise…. No, she would like it…

And yes, she does… Indeed!



Where’s the usual grumpy look??  Gone with the wind!


She was up the tower in no time (note the rat tail!)

Mum – 1

Annoying store – 0




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