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I dare you.

That’s what she said!

Who did that? you might ask… The Bag Lady, of course!

To make a not so long, but possibly long if I tell it, story short… It was The Bag Lady’s grand son’s birthday, and he is a firefighter. And she ended her post wishing us a great week, and asking that we’d go and hug a firefighter! I innocently mentionned the firestation only about 3 minutes of walk away from my apartment, saying how I could go there and get a fireman hug! And she did it. She said the three forbidden words…!

Ooooooooh. Daring me, uh?

I love being dared. Being dared is a passport for doing silly things I wouldn’t do otherwise. I am incredibly shy, you see? And being dared gives me someone else to blame for my peculiar behaviors…

“That’s crazy? Well, yes, I agree, but it’s not my fault… I’ve been dared to do it!”

And the weirder the challenge, the better it feels. It is a little like jumping off an airplane (I can make the comparison… I did jump off a plane, once!) Your brain says “No! No! Let’s not do this just now! Sit down a minute, we’ll talk about it!” but you just tell it to shut the dang up, and you go ahead…

Doing something that scares me, or that makes me uncomfortable makes me feel very alive! It gives a boost of I don’t know what hormone or whatever my brain produces to help me pull through the stressing moment, and I walk away with a “wow” feeling that is difficult to describe. I needed that feeling tonight.

Sometimes I dare my own self, but it is never as much fun as an outside “you’re not game” challenge. So, I thought about it while at work, and both the excitment and the fear of making a total fool of myself built up.

When I left the office, I was decided. I repeated my speach on my way, turned left instead of right (leading to my home) and I walked to the fire station.

When I got there, the garage doors were open, and three firemen were taking a break outside the station.

“Stooooop!” said my brain. “Stoooop now, crazy girl!!”

But I walked straight to them. There was no turning back.

I explained the situation. Exactly as it was. Told the truth, all the truth and nothing but the truth. There was giggling… The Captain even called out for interested firemen to show up downstairs on the interphone. I bet there was never a call for a “fireman hug” out loud in that station before!

After a few minutes, most men chickened out (or just didn’t want to hug me… hard to say, but they are firefighters, so I’d go for the second choice!), but one was nice enough to take place in front of one of the trucks, and let me hug him in front of the camera!

I thanked the gentlemen profusely, and left with my adrenaline rush, trotting back home.


The biggest challenge is yet to come. In a year and a half, I never agreed to have my picture shown in the Cove.  It is in part because I am shy, and in part because I liked keeping the mystery about who Cyranny was. But I know that this challenge will not be complete if I don’t post the picture, and I wouldn’t dare blurring my face, when this nice man agreed to pose for you.

So…. Sorry, fellow bloggers. I didn’t want to hurt your lovely eyes, but it is necessary.


That is what I call… Mission completed!




Amber from the Life in perspective blog took over the challenge, and hugged a first aid guy, during baseball night in her hometown 🙂 Two thumbs up for spreading the free hugs around!



If you too would like to join in, just make sure you let me know when you post your free hug moment!! I’ll be glad to add you here and reblog your own post!

39 thoughts on “I dare you.

  1. Yip, yip yippee! I’m so proud of you, I have to give you the ostentatious……. wait for it…….drum roll please…..Proud of Myself Badge! Tadah! And you thought you couldn’t do it……love, love, love it!


  2. Oh I loved this you brave wonderful soul! “I dare you”! I wish someone would dare me out of my crazy funk even though I am blessed beyond measure. I wonder if it would make a difference eh? Maybe I’ll try this love (because I see it as an act of love) to dare my children to are out of their comfort zone for the good of someone else! 🤗

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  3. Well done you, I have to agree they wouldn’t have chickened out so maybe the others were married or had gf’s and didn’t want their other half thinking they had cheated by hugging you. I know what you mean about a dare as I am the world’s worst when it comes to a dare. I once ran out of the house (clothed) waving a pair of underpants around my head all round the block because my best friend dared me to (I was only 9 at the time).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Dave 🙂 Glad to meet another dare-taker!! I don’t remember if I was this daring as early as you, but I do intend on staying that way! It always brings good laughs!

      Thank you for sharing your story too! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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