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Go garden!

I love gardening…

I enjoy playing in the soil, and making things grow. And as my only alone day off this week, it was time to start my balcony garden today.

It was a bit cloudy, but the temperature was nice, and Freja came out with me to play in the dirt… Well, not actually. She supervised the labor I took care of, but that’s my idea of a nice afternoon of girls quality time!

Now, I just have to hope the weather will be nice and that everything will quickly grow!

So here’s our official garden start up!  Ta-daaaaa!


Don’t mind the bag of gardening soil… I haven’t cleaned, just yet. Tomato plant in the corner, a few herbs for a co-worker, Monsieur Basilic (it has been quite cold the last few nights, so he fell down a little, but a little love and having new neighbours will give him a kick!!) and a sweet peppers plant.


Two tomato plants for my little brother, and one for us, in the corner…


Parsley, and (shy) rosemary and (even more shy) origano… They’ll grow… No worries 🙂


Coriander, chives and thyme…


Now, Mother Nature, you’re time to work! Let’s make those babies grow!!


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