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This is #1000, and I just can’t believe it!



Hello Lovelies…

I don’t know exactly what to say, I’ve been thinking about this moment for some time now, and I hoped I would get a brilliant idea to present this very special post….


Although I promised myself I wouldn’t make excuses, I have been sick for the past 4 or 5 days (a man’s cold… nothing to worry about, it is just that I am so not used to being ill, that it seems like the end of the world – but it is not… at all.)

I really wanted to send out something special, and very clever, as my thousandth published post. But all I could think of, was how amazing this journey in the bloggosphere has been so far…

I have grown a lot the past year and a half. Writing has been a hobby, a way to vent, and a way to get to know myself better. It has given me the chance to discover many great people, some of them becoming friends along the way.

I can’t help thinking if I had been paid 1$ for every silly post I’ve sent out, I’d have 1000$ more in my bank account. And if I had folded a crane each time I hit the “publish” button, I’d have a dream in store.

But I’ll take it as a challenge to go for another thousand… Who knows, what might come out of my silly head in the meanwhile?


Thank you, for being there, and for visiting the Cove! This post wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t had all of you Lovelies, coming by every now and then, and making it the sweet place it has become!

And stay tuned… because you never know what I can do next…. LOL


8 thoughts on “This is #1000, and I just can’t believe it!

    1. Thank you, Felicia 🙂 It was coming, but I didn’t give it much thought, until I hit 998 or 999, and I thought “Woa!!” Who would have guessed?

      I hope you are having a lovely weekend 🙂 xx

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