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Happy Easter…

Surprise was an understatement, when he opened the door.

It had been a pretty quiet day, when the phone rang. Sitting back on the large sofa, legs stretched, he smiled at the sound of her voice…

– Do you like rabbit? I had a recipe in mind… If you invite me over tonight, I could gather a few things and cook for you… Unless you have something else planned already?

He wasn’t too familiar with rabbit, but it didn’t surprise him. It must have been her French roots, but she didn’t suffer the “cute factor” when it came to meat. She liked horse meat even if it made most people cringe, and lamb or veal didn’t repel her “just” because they were baby animals… So rabbit it would be!

– Great, I’ll see you later, then!

He wandered around the house, during the late afternoon, making sure everything was in place. He double checked the kitchen, imagining her swirling around the kitchen island, giggling while playing with his sharpest knives, and dosing spices and herbs over the cooking pot, like a witch… Just not an evil one.

The sun had set when he heard her knock on the front door. For some reason, she refused to use the bell, and he always had to dim the music when he knew she was coming.

When he opened the door, she stood on the “Welcome” mat, stunning as usual… But something was wrong, and it took him a few seconds before putting his finger on it. Her hands were empty, had he misheard her earlier?

– I’m sorry, I thought you were bringing the rabbit, I… I didn’t go shopping…

She gave him a surprised look, but it looked a little fake, though still totally charming…

– Oh, maybe I just didn’t make myself clear… I’m sorry.

Not leaving his gaze, she reached in her pocket, for something he didn’t see, focusing on her slightly nervous smile. She unbuttonned her long trench coat, and the pieces of the puzzle seem to finally fit, as she placed funny looking rabbit ears on her head… The cute babydoll she wore underneath left very little to imagination, and he held his breath while she added,

– I meant that you might like to eat some bunny tonight? We can always order something after, if you’re still hungry? – she paused for a second – Happy Easter to you!

He leaned towards her, slipping his hands around her waste, feeling the silky fabric of the revealing suit. Having forgotten about dinner already, he pulled her closer and spun around, leading her in, closing the door on the dying day.

Oh yeah, he thought, happy Easter to me…


11 thoughts on “Happy Easter…

    1. Aww you sweet Saraa πŸ™‚ Always a great pleasure to see you around!!

      A (a little late) Happy Easter to you and your family πŸ™‚

      Things are pretty good lately, a little busy, but aren’t we all? hehehehe

      I hope you’re doing great as well πŸ™‚ Thanks again for passing by!!

      *Mega hugs* xx

      Liked by 1 person

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