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My Dear,

I went hiking the other day. Alone. I followed your footprints, engraved in the rock, followed the path, you had walked so long ago. Looking for traces of your past, left innocently along the road… Remains of the man you were becoming, souvenirs of the boy that is no more…

My legs hurt, as I ascended, slowly, but surely. Each step I took, made me ache and wonder. Wonder if it was crazy, wonder if I was. But I kept putting one foot in front of the other, clinging at the rock wall as the way got steeper. And my doubts faded little by little.

“Pity me, for I am a fool for you” you once said, but I was the fool climbing my way laboriously… Beating my body. Wanting to light the slightest spark of pride in your eyes, by all means possible. And for what, really? No one was waiting for me, at the rooftop of the world, where you once were looking upon the horizon, alone too.

No one to witness, no one to testify… “Oh yeah, she did it!” they would have confirmed. But there was no one but my silly self to attest that I had done it, just for you…

But the mountains make you humble, and the higher they take you, the wiser you come down… And I figured that I didn’t need to impress you if you really loved me. I realized that if you do, you’ll cherish the most unimpressive moment spent together…

It was crystal clear in my mind, but as I strolled my way back down, I couldn’t help thinking…

I’d climb the highest mountain again anytime for you… My Dear.


Forever yours,





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