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Not Simon’s…


Good evening Lovelies,

If you have a (or many) cat(s), and sometimes get lost in the abyss of YouTube, you already know Simon’s Cat.

If you have a cat and don’t know about Simon’s Cat, you have to watch Simon’s Cat!

If you don’t have a cat and/or are not a cat person, and/or don’t have a thing for Youtube, well, quite frankly, do as you wish… But I warmly recommend Simon’s Cat anyway. Especially to understand your friends who live with a cat.

You don’t have friends?… Watch Simon’s Cat, it is a great way to engage conversation, and more creative than the weather updates all your coworkers or neighbours already know about!


Here’s the first clip I’ve seen… And I’ve watched it countless times since. Freja does the exact same thing, pretty much every morning. Except the finale, but it is probably just because we don’t have the “tool” – hey, I don’t want to spoil the fun for people who haven’t seen it yet (whuuut? click click click click click!)



This one I discovered last week, and again… VERY Freja-like.  I suspect that this guy is spying on us… Maybe with drones or something… Dang technology!

So, yes, this one resembles a lot what we call Freja brain bubbles…


Enjoy    🙂

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