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Around the World(press) Amazing Race update: #TeamDonkey!

I was starting to worry I had been too cheap on stamps… Or that Critters had maybe decided to take on a journey of their own, but no! Little Donkey Buddy is now squatting at Madame Suze’s!!!

Keep posted for further updates… And, of course, visit Suze for the whole post!

Day one…a letter from Frozenland has appeared in my mailbox. The donkey has arrived. This little house in Enid, Oklahoma is his first stop on a trip to who in heck knows where? I eagerly grabbed the envelope and brought it into the house to open..and read the following: Great. It looks like a kidnapping note!…

via Around the WORLDPress amazing race: team donkey — Obsolete Childhood

12 thoughts on “Around the World(press) Amazing Race update: #TeamDonkey!

    1. I’m not an amazing cook like you Mack, but I am one mad craft maker!! Give me cotton balls, pipe cleaners and glue and you’ll be surprised what I can come up with lol

      I hope you’ll enjoy the race 🙂 Who knows, one of them might visit California sooner or later 😉

      *hugs* xx

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      1. Ohhhh you give me tooo much credit 😉 But YES you are one huckuvah crafter! It’s so therapeutic to craft too. It’s giving me the itch to be creative now!! Seriously SUCH a fun idea! Sending big hugs! Hope this week is so good. I know it’s busy for you over their in Freezingland 😉

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      2. Thank you Mack 🙂

        Therapeutic! I couldn’t have said it better 🙂 I’ll have to arrange a crafting moment while in Denmark, that would be funny!

        *Hugs right back at you* and I too wish you a grrrrreat week, Sunshine 🙂 xx

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