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Snow…. Again.



I might not win my Cold Challenge against Denmark this year, but I am planin on winning the Snow Challenge against OM and Friends!!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

9 thoughts on “Snow…. Again.

  1. you are so nice to share your snow with us in the lower 48…we are expecting the delivery later on tonight or early tomorrow morning. I personally am quite pleased with the swift delivery. You did indeed promise snow in January and here it comes! Poor George though is not as excited for the fluffy white freeziness that is imminent…he complains of driving through it. I suggested we do what you Frozenites do…but he said we do not have the space for a dog sled team and i should just forget that. Will post pictures of the snow as soon as it is delivered. I was not completely certain that FedEx could deliver, but have been assured it is in transit. So excited!

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    1. I can’t wait for your feedback when you get your truckload!! I kept all the best, fluffiest, whitest snow for you Suze, and I sure hope you and George enjoy it to the fullest!

      We’re getting some more tonight, so if you are pleased with your first order, and would like an even taller snowbank in front of your house, just drop me a word!!

      I thought about delivering personally, but I’ve watched “Cops” back in the dayz, and I know those American policemen can be quite something to handle when you break your restraining order conditions, especially if your not a local!

      Maybe next time 😉 Muahh!


      1. 🤣 yup, we get dumped on quite frequently. BUT- I woke up to some SUN this morning! Amazing! Not a sight we see much over the winter. Looks like we got some more snow for sure over the night, but most of it must have fell yesterday and now it seems done. I put some photos on my instagram. I may take you up on that shoveling offer sometime. Ok- who are we kidding – I leave the shoveling to the males of the house! Hahaha!!!

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      2. That’s the spirit!! Here, it is pretty much a game of hoping the other one will be nice enough to shovel first…

        Maybe I’d need more males in my house?? (Madssss…. *sigh*) yeah, I could use at least one more male lol – For shoveling… that’s all!! 😉

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  2. Well, I must say I am extremely disappointed with the delivery service you chose. not only did they spread MY snow on other people’s lawns but they dumped some in the street as well! THE STREET! Where people in cars and trucks can just drive over it and make a mess! So instead of the lovely half ton I ordered for the front yard, I got…….an INCH! Dag nab it! I KNEW i should have made a Danish purchase of snow! THEY use airmail instead of large brown trucks! Please cancel my next order of snow. I am going european next time.

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    1. I am truly sorry… I will sue the company right away! Wait! I’m not American… Yeah, well, as a Canadian, I can only appologize profusely and offer a second shitload of the white stuff, personally delivered WITH your Donkey!

      I’m pretty sure you could handle both Canadian and Danish snow on your yard, at the same time… the more… the more, right??? But you have to know a thing or two (actually just one thing… don’t get your expectations too high) about Viking snow:

      I’m sorry… this story from last year still makes me giggle… How can my body get so much older than my brain???) looool


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